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We have the best solutions for all your PTC / GPT site needs.

Do you want to expand your Paid To Click business without running into obstacles like:


1.  All the good domain names are already taken.

2.  Getting your own domain name is expensive and hard to manage on an annual basis.

3.  Privacy services are expensive.


We have solved these problems for you and we have added value to our services to give you the best available alternative.  Here is how it works and what we can do for you for very little money.


Our main domain, Bux.bz is automatically recognized as having to do with PTC type businesses.  Now we offer 2nd level domain names that you can select and we can build or mover your site into our domain.  The cost for your actual domain name and renewals is totally eliminated.  You have a wide selection on what to name your site.  Conversions from your regular site name to Bux.bz are fast and easy to accomplish.  We do it all for you!  You have full cpanel private access to your site and you select the best hosting plan for your business and you can upgrade or downgrade the package as your needs change.


Here is an example of our services at


.  For instance, you have a site called AntBux.com, you pay almost $20 per year for this name at most registrars.  For only $4.99 per year, we can move your site to


 and your new site url will be Ant.


 .  You can also have us create a new site for you with a name you select.  Get yours now while the good ones are still available.  Here is an example of one you might select:  Cash.




Another benefit of our service that is included is SEO and Promotion of your site.  Our main page at


 will have all or member sites listed and clickable. 


 will be a very active domain and Alexa and search engine rankings will be much better than most site owners can achieve without a lot of expense.  As Clix.bz rises in the ranks, so does your 2nd level domain name.  You will have exposure worldwide and naturally your site will be easier for people to find.  This service is included with our modest annual fee.


If you are new to the business, we can provide site design, scripts, training and hosting all in one package.  On the other hand, if you have many sites, we can consolidate them to


 and save you hundreds on domain name costs.


Contact us today for more information.


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